Our Services Include:

  • We provide the optimum cost/performance ratio for your application

  • We build your custom-size pallets in advance, assuring your company just-in-time delivery

  • We recycle 48×40 four-way entry pallets in several grades to meet your company’s needs

  • High-quality, money-saving substitute for a new 48×40 or one-way, lowest-cost-possible shipping platform, we have the recycled pallet to fit your requirements

  • Each pallet is repaired under stringent standards to ensure success in your application while minimizing your uni load cost

  • ISPM 15 Certified (IPPC Heat Treating for global shipping)

  • Pallet removal programs

  • Total pallet management programs

On Site Repairs

If you operate a closed-loop system, and/or plan to reuse your pallets over a long period of time, it pays to repair and maintain them to maximize their value. Of course you could do this yourself (we can even provide you the pallet parts), but these days, businesses want to focus on their core business. Why not leave your pallet repair and reconditioning to the pallet experts at PRS? We can be your service provider to keep YOUR pallets in good, working order.

Frequently, we can combine a repair program with a disposal program to take care of your unwanted and/or undesirable pallets. We can pick up your used pallets, sort and inspect them, repair them as necessary, dispose of the unusable and unrepairable ones and keep your pallets maintained to your specification. Once repaired, we will keep them in inventory at our facility and then deliver them back to you when you need them-all for less money than you would pay to replace them or repair them yourself.

Pallets are a durable, re-usable resources, and we can help you get the most for your pallet dollar by putting your used pallets back into circulation.

Pallet Repair Programs

If you use and recover a large volume of pallets, pallet repair may be the service for you. Rather than continuously buying and selling your pallets, PRS can repair the broken pallets that you accumulate at your facility. We will pick up, repair and return the pallets to you at a price that is almost always lower than re-purchasing new or re-manufactured pallets. This service can be done on-site or at our facility.

Total Pallet Management

Every company has different pallet needs. At PRS, we are experts at analyzing the needs of our customers and setting up Total Pallet Management programs tailored to their specific needs. Pallet management services involve a variety of components that can be provided “a la carte” or as an end-to-end solution. These components include, but are not limited to

  • Pallet retrieval

  • On-site pallet sortation

  • Analysis of current volumes, applications, needs

  • Assisting in Pallet Design Specifications (PDS)

With each TPM Solution, PRS provides an itemized monthly report that is customized to help you manage your solution. These reports could include pallet bank balance, total pallets received, total pallets shipped at repair and regular prices, and accurate cost per unit.

Call us today to discuss our Total Pallet Management programs and how they can benefit your company. At PRS, we believe an informed customer is our best customer.

Heat Treatment

Ensure Compliance With Certified Heat Treating

As of January 2004, all exported wood products to other countries need to be in compliance with the IPPC international standard ISPM 15 to regulate wood and wood packaging in international trade.

PRS leads the industry in providing this service right here in our own manufacturing facility, providing the first certified Heat-Treatment program in Dallas.

Our guarantee of this certification of compliance is essential to ensure cross-border and international flow of goods for our customers.