Here at Pallet Repair Services, we are passionate about doing our due diligence to preserve the environment and our recycling policy is that no pallets end up in Dallas’ landfills so the best option is pallet recycling. By recycling all of the wood, nails, plastic and corrugated products that passes through our facility, it helps keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. Used wood pallets that have reached the end of their life and are beyond repairable, can be salvaged for reuse in building or repairing pallets. The wood can also be ground up for use as landscape mulch, animal bedding, or wood stove pellets. Most new pallets are built from the leftover lumber that would likely be trashed otherwise. Recycled pallets are used time after time and usually are repaired with recycled lumber.

Every year, 1.9 billion wooden pallets are in circulation in the United States, transporting a variety of goods. Recycling over 13.3 million pallets last year, our efforts resulted in over 1 million tons of lumber being diverted from landfills. Our pallets are 100% reusable, recyclable, and come from a renewable resource. Our recycled pallets meet or exceed the capability of new pallets at a fraction of the cost. Our Total Pallet Management Services reduce packaging and transportation costs across the supply chain. Our flexible pallet recycling and pallet management services business model enables us to offer custom services to companies in a wide range of industries.