Do I need to order a 48×45 or a 45×48?

When discussing pallets, you state the stringer length first and the deckboard width next.

Do you buy pallets? What sizes do you buy? How much do you pay for pallets?

We buy pallets of all sizes that we can resell, or recycle for reclaimed lumber.
We pay a variety of dollar amounts based on size and condition
We must charge for pallets that have no value as they are shredded as landscape mulch.
We are always looking for good quality 48×40 pallets.

How much weight can a pallet hold?

You tell us the weight you need to carry and with the aid of our Pallet Design System (PDS) computer software, we will recommend a pallet design to fit your needs.

What is a wingtip pallet and how does it differ from a flush pallet?

The deck boards on a wingtip pallet hang a few inches past the outside stringers. The boards on a flush pallet are even (flush) with the outside stringers.
Wingtip pallets provide slightly more strength through their design.

What is a 2-way pallet?

A two-way pallet can only be entered by a forklift at the ends. These stringers are the strongest because of their solidity.

What is a 4-Way Pallet?

A four-way pallet, although a little less durable, allows for forklift entry from all 4 sides through notches cut into the stringers.

What is a Euro Pallet?

A Euro Pallet uses nine blocks for supports rather than stringers, giving it greater ease for forklift entry on all sides. It is typically used for European exports.

What is the difference between a remanufactured pallet and a reconditioned pallet?

A remanufactured pallet is comprised of stringers and deck boards that have been reclaimed from dismantled pallets. A reconditioned pallet is a repaired pallet.

What is a combo pallet?

A combo pallet mixes reclaimed lumber and new lumber.